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Enhancing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Capacity in Low Resource Settings

Wendy Ager, Yvonne Sliep and Reem Ibrahim Ahmed, et al., Eds.: War Trauma Foundation, Ahfad University for Women; et al., (2015)

From Individual to Collective healing: A trainer’s manual

Guidelines on the treatment of skin and oral HIV-associated conditions in children and adults

World Health Organization WHO, (2014)

Skin and mucosal conditions are extremely common in all children and adults in particular in HIV-infected adults and children and are one of the commonest daily management problems faced by health care workers caring for patients with HIV infection

Spinal Anesthesia - Handout

International federation of nurse anesthetics, (2014)

Handout presentations in PDF for illustrating lectures Accessed May 2014

Le virus Zika (Francais)

Eds.: Hesperian Foundation, (2016)

Fiche d'information sur le virus Zika qui contient des conseils pour les femmes enceintes et des informations pour le traitement, la prévention et le contrôle de la maladie. Cette fiche d'information est aussi disponible en espagnol, en portugais et en anglais!

Vírus Zika (Português)

Eds.: Hesperian Foundation, (2016)

Nota informativa sobre o vírus Zika contendo recomendações para as mulheres grávidas e informação para o tratamento , prevenção e controle da doença. Esta ficha também está disponível em Espanhol, Inglês e Francês!

Virus de Zika (Espagnol)

Eds.: Hesperian Foundation, (2016)

Hoja informativa sobre el virus Zika que contiene recomendaciones para las mujeres embarazadas e información para el tratamiento, prevención y control de la enfermedad. Esta hoja también está disponible en inglés, portugués y francés !

HIVbook 2015-2016

Altfeld, M.; Barmeyer, A.; Behrens, G.; et al., (2016)

The hivbook is a medical textbook that follows the concept of being independent, easy to read, and freely available on the Internet.

OMS Aide-mémoire sur la maladie à virus Zika

Eds.: Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, (2016)

Version française Février 2016

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