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Surveillance tools for meningitis sentinel hospital surveillance: field guide to rapidly estimate the hospital catchment population (denominator) and the annual rate of hospitalisations

World Health Organization, (2015)

The document will provide information for Ministries of Health and hospital sentinel sites on why and how to determine the denominator of at-risk children <5 years of age and rate of meningitis hospitalizations for a sentinel hospital site conducting IB-VPD surveillance. Such a methodology is currently unavailable and this estimation is critical to enable interpretation of surveillance data, particularly pre- and post- vaccine introduction

PMTCT in Humanitarian Settings. Part I: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Becher, H., Eds.: Interagency Task Team HIV in Humanitarian Emergencies, (2015)

front cover © Hannah Maule-Ffinch/Save the Children

PMTCT in Humanitarian Settings. Part II: Implementation Guide

Becher, H.; et al., Eds.: Interagency Task Team HIV in Humanitarian Emergencies, (2015)

front cover © Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children

Treatment of Drug-Resistant TB with New and Repurposed Medications: A Supplemental Field Guide for Nurses

The SWIFT Response Project, (2015)

For the first time in almost 50 years there are two new drugs for the treatment of drug-resistant TB (DR-TB): bedaquiline and delamanid. There has also been increased attention given to the safety and efficacy of “re-purposed” drugs that have been widely used to treat other infections but are also showing promise in the treatment of DR-TB, including linezolid and clofazimine. This special supplemental guide has been developed for nurses, because it is essential that nurses be provided with material that maximizes their ability to provide optimal support to patients who are receiving new and re-purposed drugs

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