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Sphere Essentials

The Sphere Project, (2016)

A number of tools and resources have been developed to support humanitarian professionals working with the Sphere Handbook and the Core Humanitarian Standard. You will find “Sphere unpacked” guides, training resources, videos and promotional materials in several languages to download at

Self-assessment tool: Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality & Accountability, V1.1 - 11 March 2016

CHS Alliance, (2016)

The CHS is a voluntary and measurable standard, which means its application can be objectively assessed. The CHS Verification Scheme allows organisations to measure the extent to which they have successfully applied the CHS requirements, and allows them, to demonstrate that they have done so. The Scheme offers four verification options; although each option is stand alone, the indicators used in the self-assessment are common to all options.

Child Protection in Emergencies: Coordination Handbook

Global Protection Cluster, (2016)

The Handbook is primarily addressed to child protection coordination teams, which may include coordinators, co-leads and information managers, the guidance is equally valid for all members of the child protection coordination group, including national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), government representatives and other members, who seek to achieve an effective and coordinated response

Too important to fail - addressing the humanitarian financing gap

High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing Report to the Secretary-General, Eds.: World Humanitarian Summit, (2016)

Guidance for Mainstreaming Accountability to Affected Population and Core People-Related Issues in the Humanitarian Programme Cycle Through the Cluster System

UN Children's Fund, Nutrition Cluster, (2016)

This guidance aims to support national clusters to implement their commitments on AAP and core people-related issues both before the beginning of a response (preparedness) and thereafter, throughout the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC)

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