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Guidance for Immunization Programmes in the African Region in the Context of Ebola - Revised 30 March 2015*

World Health Organization, (2015)

Practical guidance on immunization services and the risks they present for both Ebola affected and non-affected countries. The specific purpose of this document is to assist countries to: - Maintain immunization services and use immunization contacts and surveillance system as opportunities to educate and monitor for Ebola; - Provide guidance on infection prevention and control during vaccination; - Prepare where there is a potential risk of Ebola (e.g. border, etc.) and low immunization coverage, to implement activities to increase immunization coverage in these areas.

Management of a Measles Epidemic

Corinne Danet, and Florence Fermon, Eds.: Médecins Sans Frontières, (2013)

Practical guide for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, medical auxiliaries and logisticians

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