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Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response. District Level Training Course. Facililtator Guide

World Health Organization; Regional Office for Africa, (2011)

The Facilitator's Guide provides instruction and suggestions for teaching the training modules for the Technical Guidelines for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response in the Africa Region, 2nd edition. This training is intended for district level health officers who conduct IDSR activities. The course is laid out in 7 modules that walk participants through the Technical Guidelines (TGs) chapter by chapter. By the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the TGs and capable of utilizing them appropriately in their position

Refugee Health

Médecins sans Frontières, (1997)

An approach to emergency situations

loveLife, South Africa and German Development Cooperation, (2015) It’s an innovative, digital cellphone-based program that promotes youth development and addresses the HIV/ AIDS pandemic by using incentives to change behavior

Aqueduct Projected Water Stress Country Rankings

Andrew Maddocks, Robert Samuel Young and Paul Reig, Eds.: World Resources Institute, (2015)

Using an ensemble of climate models and socioeconomic scenarios, WRI scored and ranked future water stress—a measure of competition and depletion of surface water—in 167 countries by 2020, 2030, and 2040. We found that 33 countries face extremely high water stress in 2040 (see the full list). We also found that Chile, Estonia, Namibia, and Botswana could face an especially significant increase in water stress by 2040. This means that businesses, farms, and communities in these countries in particular may be more vulnerable to scarcity than they are today.

Hospital safety Index Guide for Evaluators

World Health Organization, Eds.: World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, (2015)

Hospital safety Index Guide for Evaluators. Forms

World Health Organization, Eds.: World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, (2015)

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