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Online NGO Assessment Tool

NGO Academy, (2015)

The value of this assessment is both in the DOING and in the outcome. You do need to keep in mind the maturity of your organization and not expect that a newly formed NGO have in place many of the mechanisms and structures mentioned in the assessment form. But this does give the interested NGO leader, a way to monitor your NGO’s development and also to take note of various aspects of NGO work that might be implemented in the coming months. Accessed 26th of November 2015.

Performance Management for Health Logistics Workers

USAID, (2015)

This tool focuses on performance management as an essential element of successful supply chain and logistics systems. It is designed to assist health supply chain workers who have performance management responsibilities.

Hospital safety Index Guide for Evaluators

World Health Organization, Eds.: World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, (2015)

Hospital safety Index Guide for Evaluators. Forms

World Health Organization, Eds.: World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization, (2015)

Humanitarian Needs Assessment: The Good Enough Guide

Currion, P., Eds.: The Assessment Capacities Project and Emergency Capacity Building Project, (2014)

Needs assessment is essential for programme planning, monitoring and evaluation, and accountability, however needs assessment is still a critical weakness of humanitarian response. Organisations need to improve how they do assessments. The Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) and the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) have produced this guide to fill the gap that existed for a practical resource that pulls together the main lessons learned from various initiatives and experiences.

Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health with special applications for low- and middle-income countries

Mario R Dal Poz, Neeru Gupta, Estelle Quain and Agnes LB Soucat, Eds.: World Health Organization (WHO); USAID; The World Bank, (2009)

Humanitarian Health Ethics Analysis Tool: HEAT Handbook

Fraser V, Hunt MR, Schwartz L, and de Laat S, (2014)

You can download the handbook, worksheets and quick reference cards from the website! The HHEAT is an ethical analysis tool designed to help humanitarian healthcare workers make ethical decisions. It consists of 3 components: (1) a summary card highlighting key questions, (2) a handbook providing an overview of the tool, and (3) a worksheet for recording the decision-making process. The tool was inspired by research examining ethical challenges and moral distress experienced by humanitarian workers. The HHEAT has been tested and validated by humanitarian workers and experts from the fields of humanitarian medicine and nursing, as well as applied ethics.

Manuel de Suivi-Evaluation Participatif d'Impact (SEPI)

Gabriel Coulibaly, Astrid Meyer et Sabine Dorlöchter-Sulser, Eds.: Misereor, (2014)

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