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2009 UNISDR Terminology on Disaster Risk Reduction. English

United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, (2009)

The English terminology, and its translations into Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish, are available on the UNISDR website at: and on PreventionWeb at:

Refugee Services Toolkit (RST)

NCTSN Learning Center, (2015)

The Refugee Services Toolkit (RST) is a web-based tool designed to help service system providers understand the experience of refugee children and families, identify the needs associated with their mental health, and ensure that they are connected with the most appropriate available interventions. The mental health and general well-being of refugee children and families can be impacted by multiple factors including their experience of trauma; stressors such as resettlement, acculturation, and social isolation; and strengths they may have that could contribute to resilience. Providers can use community resources and supports to build resilience and reduce stress in refugee families

Multi-Sector Initial Rapid Assessment Guidance, Revision July 2015

IASC Inter-Agency Standing Committee, (2015)

The Multi-Cluster/Sector Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA) is a joint needs assessment tool that can be used in sudden onset emergencies, including IASC System-Wide Level 3 Emergency Responses (L3 Responses).

Rapid Risk Assessment of Acute Public Health Events

World Health Organization, Eds.: 2012, (2011)

This manual has been developed to guide rapid risk assessment of acute public health risks from any type of hazard in response to requests from Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO). The manual is aimed primarily at national departments with health-protection responsibilities, National Focal Points (NFPs) for the International Heath Regulations (IHR) and WHO staff. It should also be useful to others who join multidisciplinary risk assessment teams, such as clinicians, field epidemiologists, veterinarians, chemists, food-safety specialists.

Operational guidance on rapid risk assessment methodology

Katrin Leitmeyer; Dilys Morgan, Hilary Kirkbride and Bengü Said, Eds.: European Centre for Disases Prevention and Control ECDC, (2011)

ECDC Technical Document

Independent Whole of System Review of Protection in the Context of Humanitarian Action

Norah Niland and Riccardo Polastro (co-team leaders), Antonio Donini and Amra Lee., Eds.: Norwegian Refugee Council on behalf of the Inter Agency Standing Committee and the Global Protection Cluster, (2015)

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