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Novo Onde Não Há Médico (Where there is no doctor - Portuguese)

David Werner, (2015)

Abaixo encontra um capítulo do livro da Hesperian: O Novo Onde Não Há Médico. Outros capítulos serão adicionados a medida que forem desenvolvidos e traduzidos. Saiba mais sobre a revisão desta publicação amplamente utilizada. To access the chapters please visit: Accessed 12 March 2015

Dengue and Chikungunya Vector Control Pocket Guide

Armed Forces Pest Management Board, USA, (2014)

Armed Forces Pest Management Board Technical Guide No. 47

Community Case Management Essentials: Treating Common Childhood Illnesses in the Community

David Marsh, Ashley Aakesson, Kechi Anah et al., Eds.: CORE Group; Save the Children; BASICS; MCHIP, (2012)

2nd edition. Known as “Community Case Management of Sick Children” (CCM), this approach sends community-based health workers out to find, diagnose, and successfully treat sick children, in partnership with their families. Inspired by the classic “Immunization Essentials”, this guide methodically documents what is known about CCM and how to make it work. First, health program managers are introduced to the basics. Then, CCM Essentials walks its readers through the process of designing and managing a high-quality CCM program. The ultimate result: lives of newborns, infants and children saved around the world

La prise en charge des cas dans la communauté éléments essentiels

CORE Group, Save the Children, BASICS et MCHIP,, (2012)

Traitement des maladies courantes de l'enfant. Guide pour les gestionnaires de programmes.

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