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Guidelines for Maternity Care in South Africa

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2015)

4th edition. A manual for clinics, community health centers and district hospitals

Integrating Mental Health into HIV Services: Standard Operating Procedures & Training Manual

AIDS Support and Technical Assistance Resources Project,, Eds.: USAID, (2014)

Integration of mental health (MH) and HIV programs has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes for people living with HIV (PLHIV). This training package, which is comprised of a training-of-trainers manual, an accompanying presentation, and a standard operating procedure, was developed to support a pilot project for MH and HIV integration at the community level such that health facilities, community-based organizations (CBOs), and traditional medical practitioners (TMPs) can collaborate to support MH screening and service provision for PLHIV in Zimbabwe

Health Systems Trust Platform

Health Systems Trust, (2015)

A leading resource on health systems and primary health care in southern Africa. Here you can download the latest South African Health Review and District Health Barometer

A Clinical Governance Handbook for District Clinical Specialist Teams

Health Systems Trust, (2014)

This handbook was designed primarily as a tool for district clinical specialist teams (DCSTs), and for the provincial specialists who will guide and support their work. This handbook will also be useful to managers of health facilities, heads of clinical units and nurses, doctors and allied health workers at the coalface of clinical care. This handbook will be of interest to district managers and other members of the district management team who are dedicated to developing the capacity of the district health system to respond 
effectively to the health needs of the population they serve. It will help them understand the role of the DCSTs and the type of 
activities they need to engage in to improve the quality of care

District Health Barometer 2013/14

Naomi Massyn, Candy Day, Nazia Peer; et al., Eds.: Health Systems Trust, (2014)

Please download chapter by chapter from the website. Size of the complete report: 23 MB!

South African Health Review 2013/14

Padarath A and English R,, Eds.: Health Systems Trust, (2014)

Focusing on good practice, the South African Health Review 2013/14 chapters include: progress and innovations in the three streams of the primary health care re-engineering framework (District Clinical Specialist Teams, Ward-based Outreach Teams, and School Health); challenges in district health management, and at facility level, a pioneering application of the Lean Management model for high-quality cost-effective service delivery; quality improvement supported through the work of the Office of Health Standards Compliance, with the Ideal Clinic initiative in place and the concept of social franchising mooted; advancements and barriers in environmental health and emerging technologies such as eHealth; addressing cervical cancer in South Africa; and a planning perspective on the role of the private health sector in operationalising National Health Insurance. Please download chapter by chapter from the website!!

National Guidelines for Cholera Control

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2014)

Sexually Transmitted Infections MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES 2015

Dept. of Health, Republic of South Africa, (2015)

Adapted from: Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Drugs List PHC

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