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Guide de diagnostic et de prise en Charge de la tuberculose chez l’enfant

S.M. Graham et al, Eds.: Union Internationale Contre la Tuberculose et les Maladies Respiratoires (L’Union), (2015)

Desk-guide for diagnosis and management of TB in children

S.M. Graham, et al., Eds.: International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, (2015)

Child TB training toolkit

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, (2014)

The training focuses on building the capacity of health care workers at the primary and secondary level to address and manage TB in children.

Laboratory Diagnosis of Tuberculosis by Sputum Microscopy: The Handbook

International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease; Global Laboratory Initiative; Stop TB Partnership, (2013)

2015 Pipeline Report HIV, Hepatitis C virus (HCV), and Tuberculosis (TB)

Polly Clayden, Simon Collins, Mike Frick, et al., Eds.: A. Benzacar; HIV i-BASE/TREATMENT ACTION GROUP, (2015)

Drugs, Diagnostics, Vaccines, Preventive Technologies, Research toward a cure, and immune-based and gene therapies in development

World Atlas of BCG Policies and Practices

Alice Zwerling, Marcel Behr, Aman Verma, et al., Eds.: McGill University & McGill University Health Center Montreal; Public Health Agency of Canada, (2015)

This interactive website provides detailed information on current and past BCG policies and practices for over 180 countries. The Atlas is designed to be a useful resource for clinicians, policymakers and researchers alike, providing information that may be helpful for better interpretation of TB diagnostics as well as design of new TB vaccines

TB India 2014 Annual Status Report-Revised National TB Control Programme

National Rural Health Mission, DOTS, (2014)

Reach the Unreached - FIND, TREAT, CURE TB, SAVE LIVES

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