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Toolkit on Mapping Legal, Health, and Social Services Responses to Child Maltreatment

World Health Organization; Lucerne University; Children Research Centre, (2015)

The toolkit aims to provide researchers with guidance for improving the quality of studies that use administrative data to better ascertain child maltreatment incidence, response and service delivery. However, these are complex studies to conduct, and the toolkit is not meant to be comprehensive. Researchers using the toolkit should be prepared to follow up on the recommended resources contained within and to consult with other professionals, such as statisticians, to further improve the research design and execution

Guidance for Immunization Programmes in the African Region in the Context of Ebola - Revised 30 March 2015*

World Health Organization, (2015)

Practical guidance on immunization services and the risks they present for both Ebola affected and non-affected countries. The specific purpose of this document is to assist countries to: - Maintain immunization services and use immunization contacts and surveillance system as opportunities to educate and monitor for Ebola; - Provide guidance on infection prevention and control during vaccination; - Prepare where there is a potential risk of Ebola (e.g. border, etc.) and low immunization coverage, to implement activities to increase immunization coverage in these areas.

Management of a Measles Epidemic

Corinne Danet, and Florence Fermon, Eds.: Médecins Sans Frontières, (2013)

Practical guide for doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, medical auxiliaries and logisticians

Community Case Management Essentials: Treating Common Childhood Illnesses in the Community

David Marsh, Ashley Aakesson, Kechi Anah et al., Eds.: CORE Group; Save the Children; BASICS; MCHIP, (2012)

2nd edition. Known as “Community Case Management of Sick Children” (CCM), this approach sends community-based health workers out to find, diagnose, and successfully treat sick children, in partnership with their families. Inspired by the classic “Immunization Essentials”, this guide methodically documents what is known about CCM and how to make it work. First, health program managers are introduced to the basics. Then, CCM Essentials walks its readers through the process of designing and managing a high-quality CCM program. The ultimate result: lives of newborns, infants and children saved around the world

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