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Health Systems Trust Platform

Health Systems Trust, (2015)

A leading resource on health systems and primary health care in southern Africa. Here you can download the latest South African Health Review and District Health Barometer

District Health Barometer 2013/14

Naomi Massyn, Candy Day, Nazia Peer; et al., Eds.: Health Systems Trust, (2014)

Please download chapter by chapter from the website. Size of the complete report: 23 MB!

South African Health Review 2013/14

Padarath A and English R,, Eds.: Health Systems Trust, (2014)

Focusing on good practice, the South African Health Review 2013/14 chapters include: progress and innovations in the three streams of the primary health care re-engineering framework (District Clinical Specialist Teams, Ward-based Outreach Teams, and School Health); challenges in district health management, and at facility level, a pioneering application of the Lean Management model for high-quality cost-effective service delivery; quality improvement supported through the work of the Office of Health Standards Compliance, with the Ideal Clinic initiative in place and the concept of social franchising mooted; advancements and barriers in environmental health and emerging technologies such as eHealth; addressing cervical cancer in South Africa; and a planning perspective on the role of the private health sector in operationalising National Health Insurance. Please download chapter by chapter from the website!!

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